Custom Lifestyle

Custom lifestyle in to assisted living
a vibrant social environment

Each suite comes with custom lifestyle into assisted living, encouraging a passion for life by creating meaningful days, and to empowering our residents through a vibrant social environment.

  • Shuttle bus for daily outings and special trips
  • Koi fish and duck pond with waterfall
  • Pet friendly facility (ask for more information)
  • Walking paths through tropical butterfly garden
  • Grand piano for resident enjoyment
  • Fresh juices, private labeled gourmet coffee and bottled spring water
  • Tropical landscaping including rare plantings and flowering trees
  • Daily newspaper service available
  • Free wifi and resident workstation with Skype
  • Saturday family and friends BBQs
  • Private labeled spa hair shampoos and body wash for all suites
  • Secure perimeter
  • Security cameras with family viewing access
  • State of the art fire safety system
  • Close proximity to several hospitals
  • Dedicated shuttle bus, with wheel chair lift, exclusively for resident enjoyment


  • My husband and I have lived here at Azalea Gardens for a little more than a year now. We do feel like we are well loved and part of a family. The staff is caring and in tune to our needs. The activity staff are a lot of fun and try to make sure we are always included in all activities. We do enjoy the trips and try to go when we can. The kitchen staff goes out of their way to ensure we are happy with our meals.

    Lori and Hank Ginsburg
  • This place is really nice. I have been here for almost a year and I am very satisfied with everything about this place, I especially like the female residents.

  • Azalea Gardens is my home and I love it here. The food is great and the staff takes good care of me. The trips are a lot of fun and I really like all of the activities. The surroundings are beautiful, I am very happy.

  • The entertainers who come to perform at Azalea Gardens are always excellent. I am a former music teacher so I really enjoy the talented performers who came to entertain us. I like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett and yet we enjoy country and contemporary music too. Our activity people make sure all of our events are so much fun. I love to join in on trips and group activities. I have lived at Azalea Gardens for years now and there is nowhere I would rather be.

  • There’s no place like home, and Azalea Gardens is it for me. I am retired and just want to relax and be comfortable and enjoy my meals and surroundings. Azalea allows me to live my life as I choose. If I want to go on the bus or play a game or simply read a book, it’s my choice. I like that.

  • I enjoy all of our outings to the beach and to the parks. Activities are so much fun with our group. I especially enjoy going to different restaurants for lunch or even just staying home and playing Bingo or Dominoes or whatever the activity staff comes up with. We really have fun with all of the special events and Holiday parties too!

  • My room mate is great and the food is really good. This place is close to my daughter so it’s convenient for her too. My room is right outside the fish/duck/turtle pond and I really enjoy feeding them.

  • Sitting outside with my friends and enjoying each other company is one of my favorite things to do. I am an artist so I appreciate nature and enjoy the tropical beauty of our gardens and such beauty is inspirational. The staff is always so warm and loving and I feel like I am home with family. I have lived at Azalea for a long time now and I really love it.

  • I sit by the grotto, feeding the birds and listening to them sing, and enjoy the feeling of being outside in nature. I really enjoy laughing and having a great time with the staff and other residents. We really have a great time together.

  • I just love the gardens and the staff is wonderful! The meals are well prepared and delicious, I am very happy here at Azalea Gardens.

  • I am very happy here and I love the outdoors.

    Jennie T
  • I love my roommate and everyone here is like family to me.

    Maria S
  • I enjoy everything we do here, especially the bus trips.

  • I love the location and the beautiful grounds.

    Dorothy C
  • Enjoy the meals of Azalea, the people are nice and I enjoy everything that I do here.

    Conrad A
  • Enjoy going on the outings, from Lion Country Safari to the Jungle Queen Cruise. Azalea always chooses the best places to take us to.

    Edna D
  • The staff is very kind and friendly. Azalea has a beautiful garden.

    Delphia B
  • I love the activities program at Azalea Gardens, particularly morning exercise. The entertainment is also wonderful; I always find myself up and dancing to the music. The staff is very nice.

    Pearl L
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